From the moment we are conceived, are lives are in a state of change.

As new life and vibrant growth takes place, the excitement is undeniable. But something else is happening. Decay is also knocking at the door. This presents a dichotomy for us. One as we go through life, find we are unprepared.

We are aware of the tangible changes our bodies, minds, and spirits make over time. We grow stronger physically, gain knowledge intellectually, and mature in our understanding of the things that are spiritual.

This begs to question… How much growth is actually taking place? And for this growth, what are we using as a standard of measurement? And for that matter, how much decay is taking place, of which we are unaware?

As the years of our life progress, we intuitively feel the tension, but we can’t quite put our finger on the source of unease. It seems to exist in a almost encrypted way, to which we don’t have the keys to unlock to our own thoughts.

So we reach out. Hoping to sense something to which we can orient ourselves, we start grasping. When this happens spiritually, the unsettledness causes people to seek out what is new and exciting.

So often they will change their church or find a new group to identify with. They will change the bible they read, the books they buy, or seek out a popular leader from who they can find direction.

But one thing that often doesn’t happen, the question they don’t ask themselves is how they actually believe. What is the source code of their faith? They never look inside and dig in to the process of their own belief.

It’s a lot easier to look for new motivation than to look inward. Motivation will strings us along and makes us feel like we are doing something, without providing any real change. Seeking motivation is truly “grasping for the wind,” hoping our sail sets and we get carried off to some new destination.

When a person goes inward, a quick glance into the mirror will not reveal all the idiosyncrasies that make up a person. It takes time, staring into our own weaknesses and insecurities, then utilizing God’s Word and Spirit to understand the reflection they are seeing.

It is not purely seeking out the good or the bad. It is a desire for the truth. If your honest about your failures, to yourself, and to God, God can do something with that. If you lie to yourself, you can keep trying to make yourself feel good through other means, you will no doubt run your familiar course and remain stagnant.

That’s the easier route because there is no discomfort there. The one less traveled is the trail that accepts discomfort in the hope of found treasure. The metamorphosis of faith is one of suffering and salvation. They are both requirement for the story to unfold. We need to embrace the that journey so we can become the person that God has made us to be.

Spiritual Evolution is a choice. It is one that that involves pushing forward faith and action, or falling back in retreat to doubt and idleness.

You can choose to reject the crucible, surrendering yourself decay…

Or, you can purse personal evolution of your created being by taking responsibility for the faith God has given you.

God isn’t hiding. Hiding is weak. God is strong. We hide behind our stuff because we are undone by the truth of our own reflection. God’s desire is for man to internalize His truth, take ownership of it, then spiritually evolve into the image and purpose for which he created us.

Either choice will have its consequences. Those consequences are up to you.

|Stay True. Stay Ready.|