People are always searching. Searching for something new and exciting.

So they change their church. They change their bible. They will change the books they buy or the that pastor they listen too.

But one thing they never do is change how they believe. They never dig inside and figure out that the real issue is them.

It’s a lot easier to look for new motivation than to look inward. Motivation just strings us along and makes us feel like we are doing something, without providing any real change. It’s like putting on your work out gear makes you feel fit. But it hasn’t actually done anything.

It takes time to look into the spiritual mirror and think about your weaknesses and insecurities.

If your honest about your failures, to yourself, and to God, God can do something with that. If you lie to yourself, you can keep trying to make yourself feel good through other means, but nothing will ever change.

That’s the easier route because there is no discomfort there. There is a ton of suffering in the gospel story. We need to embrace it so we can become the person that God has made us to be.

God isn’t hiding. We are hiding behind all our stuff. That stuff is what keeps us from winning in our spiritual lives.

We are in competition with out old self for our soul. That’s the actual game we are in. And your old self doesn’t play nice. It tries to distract you with shiny objects. But distraction is not action.

Action spiritually is letting God’s word internalize and change who we are. God’s went all in on us. We need to go all in on him.