In my links, there’s some language not all would care for.

The way I see things, it is easy to be more worried about the words a person is saying, than hearing what a person is saying with the words a person may use.

I have an appreciation for mid-life men who need to move onto the next phase in life. Wife. Kids. Career. Then what?

Wait for retirement? Am I making enough money? Are my kids set up for success? Should I go back to school?

It seems ex-military guys process that better because they have to. There’s a hard line from service to civilian. They also have a built-in brotherhood or shared experience. For the average male, he’s kinda left flapping in the wind. It seems like there is a big empty space in the niche.

Some might call it mid-life crisis. I think it’s an question of identity that just comes around mid-life.

I see it as a every-guy issue. Just being a male with some time and experience put behind him. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. It actually may be exactly the challenge a dude needs. These are a few video that help me put stuff in perspective. Have a “What can I learn and apply to myself attitude?” There is some good stuff.

I like Blayne’s story. Hearing a dude walk through his transition in life and come out on the right side is encouraging.

I admit, I am a Goggins fan. A bunch of stuff he’s said really got me thinking. In this video, I really liked the part on changing the stories you tell yourself. I also apply the cookie jar bit to God. I have to go back and remember how good God has been to me. I’m no different than all the people in the desert wanting to go back to Eygpt.

Nick is hardcore passionate about men transitioning from military to civilian life. Average guys don’t have to process the same amount of loss and high stress, but they definitely have some nicks by mid-life.