Reading takes the whole mind.

Read paper. Or an e-reader at most. Away from the glare of a screen.

I am convinced, without any real science, that LED lighting is peace robbing.

It stimulates people in some ways we don’t understand.

Find a non-energy efficient, incandescent lamp and put your eyes on paper.

The shadows. The turning of the pages. The familiar feel of the book in your hand. It takes you to another place.

Reading a chapter from Proverbs each day is a great place to start.

A great place to finish.

If you want to think different, put different thoughts in your head.

I am a news/sports junkie. But I’ve had to turn off the news and dial back sports.

Everyone likes to be informed. But is what you consume making your life better or starting off the day with negative tones. Sometime stuff has to go.

I think that’s where starting the day with good words sets your day up for success.

To have the mind of God is to have the word of God in your mind.